Picture above: Sarcophagus with scenes of life of a roman military officer. Concordia.  Marble. 2nd century A.D. Mantua, Ducal Palace.

About the Ensemble


Humanism, Music and Text


Founded by Catalina Vicens, keyboardist specialized in Medieval and Renaissance repertoires, Servir Antico was created with the aim of creating an ensemble of excellence devoted to the music from the 'Humanistic' period.


The ensemble based in Basel (Switzerland) brings together the power of acclaimed vocal and instrumental soloists with vast experience in historically informed performance practice in a musical atmosphere of respect; A creative space where diversity is seen as enrichment and the common language is the joy making music together. Servir Antico has been invited to perform at distinguished concert venues in Europe and the USA, including the Utrecht Early Music Festival (Holland), Trigonale Early Music Festival (Austria) and the TRIPTIC tri-national cultural platform among others. Its members have performed with world renown ensembles such as La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Hesperion XXI, La Cetra Baroque Orchestra, Poème Harmonique, Les Arts Florissants, Les Flamboyants, Sequentia and  Sarband, etc.


Their programs are designed not to only bring an almost forgotten repertoire to contemporary audiences, but to immerse them in a multi-sensorial experience.

Poetry, dramaturgy and musical text transport the listener back to an era of dazzling creation, thought, introspection and beauty.



The Concept: Humanism


Servir Antico brings to its conceptual epicentre the humanistic ideals that were forged throughout the late Middle Ages and Renaissance: The ideals that transcended in their timelessness, the concepts that were developed to conform our modern society as well as the concepts that were forgotten in time, but are fundamental for understanding the artistic creation of the time.



The Role of Music


The complexity of this revolutionary process (the Humanism) can hardly be put into a couple of sentences or even a couple of books.

Here is where music shows the ability to convey a dynamic picture of humanistic thought, and transport the audience with its senses to a bygone era.


As stated by the famous music theorist Boethius (6th c. CE) and many other philosophers, music has the power to influence human’s soul and temper. As our sense of hearing is innately timeless, therefore,  the effect of music also is.



The Role of Text


Recitation of historical texts is part of Servir Antico’s performances.

Spoken word, one of the strongest weapons of humanism, complements the faculty of music, giving clearer but yet metaphorical notions that will harmonize the dramaturgy of the programs.

Text will relate the humanistic man to the contemporary world. Its fundamental issues are still a matter of our concerns today and are often rendered with humour, irony or simply with poetic beauty.





Catalina Vicens


Servir Antico

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